Observance of Vigilance Awareness Week from 28th Oct to 2nd Nov 2013 : Theme "Promoting Good Governance - Positive Contribution of Vigilance", Lodge COMPLAINTS regarding Corruption in PROJECT VIGEYE and TOLL FREE No. 1800-11-0180       Jammu and Kashmir State Vigilance Commission

Anti-Corruption Bureau

The Government of Jammu & Kashmir issued an SRO notification No. 203 Dated 9th April, 2013 in reference to Sub 1 of Section 10 of the Jammu & Kashmir Prevention of Corruption Act, Samvat 2006 about the establishment of an Organisation to be known as Vigilance Organisation for investigation of the offences under the said Act.

Subsequently, the State Government issued instructions on 31st July , 2013 about the Vigilance Organisation named under the J&K State Vigilance Commission Act, 2011 & J&K Prevention of Corruption Act, Samvat, 2006 to use the name “Vigilance Organisation” instead of “State Vigilance Organisation”.

Under the Act, the functions and the powers of the J&K State Vigilance Commission primarily include to exercise the “superintendence” over the functioning of the Vigilance Organisation in so far as it relates to the investigation of the offences alleged to have been committed under the Prevention of Corruption Act, Samvat 2006 etc. , to give directions to the Vigilance Organisation for the purpose of discharging the responsibility entrusted to it under the Prevention of Corruption Act, Samvat 2006 with proviso as contained in the J&K SVC Act, 2011.

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